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Lake Braddock Crew Volunteers

Parent help is essential!

One of the most important aspects for a successful Lake Braddock Crew program involves volunteer support from parents, rowers, friends, alumni, and other family members. Volunteering with the Lake Braddock Crew community creates a wonderful opportunity to bond with your rower, learn about the sport and be a part of a vibrant rowing community.

We need you! We have a job for every person and every schedule. We welcome your talents and ideas. Let us know if you have a particular interest or passion that you would like to share!

ALL families must volunteer


  • TWO VASRA jobs (VASRA will send us a bill if we fail to meet our volunteer obligation.)
  • TWO Lake Braddock Crew jobs

Here are a few ideas where you can help:

  • Recruiting new rowers: Help supervise our rowers during Bruin Blast, Bite of Braddock, homecoming parade, 'Learn to Row' day,  and our open house.
  • Fundraising: Please take a look at the fundraising tab under Resources for additional details.  This year, we're having a 5k race, car washes, holiday wreath sale, door to door campaign, and a few more.  We need parents and athletes to participate to be successful. 
  • Uniforms, Spirit wear: Help with sizing, distribution, and sales.
  • Swim test: Help coaches clear our rowers for the water.  Also, don't forget help is needed at our pasta dinners, regatta food prep, and the end of the year awards dinner.
  • Serve on the board: Team up with other members of the LB crew boosters to help organize and support our rowers and coaches with logistics, administration and 'elbow grease'.
  • Away regattas: Help with planning, supporting, feeding and chaperoning our rowers on away trips.
  • Regatta volunteering is required by all parents during the regatta season.  This may be a LB Crew or VASRA job.  More specific info on these jobs will be forwarded to parents as we get closer to Regatta season (Mar-May).

Have a talent or hobby you think might be beneficial to volunteer for the team?  Please let us know by using the email contact at the bottom of this page.


Dibs is the software we primarily use to communicate with parents and athletes about upcoming volunteer opportunities.  To claim or to 'call dibs' on a volunteer opportunity, please go to the Dibs tab.

This is the first season Lake Braddock Crew is using this Dibs feature.  We will be tracking volunteer hours this year to get a better understanding of the total volunteer hours needed to run a successful crew program.  Each Dibs item will have an hour credit assigned.  At the end of the year we will be able to tally the total number of volunteer hours amassed. 

You do not need to accrue a certain amount of hours in Dibs.  However, you will be required to fulfill two regatta-specific jobs which will be released closer to regatta season via Dibs.  You could potentially volunteer to drive a launch-boat, BBQ burgers, prep food, setup or tear down team areas, etc. 

Claim a Dib Item from a Website

Step 1: Navigate to the Dibs page of
Step 2: Click on a Dib Session
Step 3: Click on a Dib Item
Step 4: 
Click Claim This Dib Item
Step 5:
 Enter the volunteer name, contact phone, and contact email address
Step 6: Click Claim this Dib Item

Beth Beavers

Volunteer Coordinator

How to 'Dibs'

How to claim a Dibs Item

Mailing Address

Lake Braddock Crew  
PO Box 10458  
Burke, VA  


Team Donations

Lake Braddock Crew is a 501 (c)(3) charitable, non-profit organization.  Your donation would be tax deductible to the greatest extent allowed by law.



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