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Lake Braddock Crew Fundraising


Bruins, we're gotten closer to out first regatta every day which also means that the amount of time we have to get your unisuit and tech shirt ordered is dwindling.  These are the only two mandatory uniform options. 

ALL ATHLETES WILL NEED A NEW TECH SHIRT.  We've switched suppliers for tech shirts because our previous supplier failed to fulfill our order last year.  If you have not submitted the size you need for a new tech shirt, email ASAP.  The google form sent out in the newsletter and posted on FB and the SportsEngine app is no longer active.  You must email us.

If you are a new rower and have not spoken to someone about ordering a unisuit, contact ASAP.  I think we have everyone covered for unisuits but if you are not sure, please ask. 


LETTER WRITING CAMPAIGN- deadline extended

We're three months into the letter-writing campaign and the donations are slowly trickling in.  We've extended the deadline to 31 March but we need athlete participation.  Remember- each athlete has 5 letters to mail out and each athlete will set up an online fundraising account. The instructions are in the packet provided (and linked in the letter writing tab below) or you can email and we'll square you away. 

You can also click here to join:


Yard Sale!!

Start keeping a stash of all of that great stuff you are clearing out as part of your downsizing New Year's resolutions.  We've got a yard sale coming up on 14 March so don't throw it out- just squirrel it away in your garage, closet, under your bed- anywhere but the dumpster.  Let us turn your treasures into cash for the team!!

If you've got a big ticket item to donate (appliances, furniture, etc.) email Cristina at or so we can include it in our community advertising.  Click below for details include drop off times and volunteer needs. 


Dinner time: Jersey Mike's is next!

We've got an entire week of Jersey Mike's deals for you.  

Any time during the week of 17-23 February, hit up Jersey Mike's at Burke Center Parkway and redeem these coupons so our team can raise some money!  Share them with your co-workers and neighbors. 

Download the flier from the restaurant tab below and grab sammies on your way home from practice next week. 



Friends and Family-

We want to hear from you during the preseason, postseason, rainy season, all of the seasons.   You heard that right- no more waiting until the end of year survey to give us feedback.  Tell us what you love, what you hate, what you want to buy so we know what to order.   All responses go direct to our email account and you can submit the survey as many times throughout the season as you like.  Help us help you!

Fundraising Updates! New Year- New You!

We've been working so hard to raise money for the team, size athletes for uniforms, and collect used shoes that we've not been as focused as we need to be on securing the sweetest spirit gear around for you and your fam.  Never fear- 2020 is bringing new goals and new deals.  Check back soon to see what amazing stuff we've got planned!!

Hit us up at or (or you can click the envelope below next to that super cute pup). 

~Sara and Carrie (your ways and means enthusiasts)


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Sara Carlson

Sara Carlson

VP Fundraising

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Team Donations

Lake Braddock Crew is a 501 (c)(3) charitable, non-profit organization.  Your donation would be tax deductible to the greatest extent allowed by law.



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