Our rowing season officially began yesterday.  We are off to very strong start with membership well ahead of expectations.  Coach John reported the smoothest start to Winter Conditioning he has ever seen. The Booster Club is strong and is made of our parents, who each bring unique talent to the Team.  We all support the Crew Team for our kids.  And you have chosen an activity that I promise will increase your athlete’s resiliency like none other. This is all possible because of your support as a part and your athlete’s dedication to the Team.  Thank you.

As discussed during the October Interest Meeting, fundraising & volunterrism make the club go.  Lake Braddock crew collects $175.00 for Winter Conditioning and $800.00 for the Spring Season.  We are the best bargain rowing program in the region.  If you have not paid Winter Conditioning fees, they are due now.  Please pay at BruinCrew.com.  The cost to run the program greatly exceeds what we collect in dues. We make up that difference through fundraising and volunteerism.  And we need you.

Tomorrow at 8am, the Club will gather in the school cafeteria for our first Door2Door fundraiser.  We need you to come out and drive athletes and we need your athlete to come out and knock on doors.  We need you there.

Our club plans many opportunities for you to contribute.  We ask that each family support a total of FIVE events–any combination of fundraising or volunteerism.

Our fundraising activities include Car Washes (2-3), the Yard Sale, Letter Writing/Ergathon, Door to Door (2-3).  Volunteerism comes in the form of planning a Team event, chaperones for Camp Claytor, donating athlete food for Spring Regattas, marina cleanup & equipment maintenance days, and VASRA regatta volunteering, among others.  You will see announcements via email as opportunities arise.  We do keep track of who does what to ensure everyone is contributing.  We also understand that we live in an incredibly busy and expensive region.  We do make accommodations so please communicate with us.  There will be many opportunities to contribute as the season progresses, for returning and new novice families.

Right now, we need you and your athlete to show up on Saturday morning to support the Door2Door fundraiser and to pay Winter Conditioning fees.

If you are new to rowing, feel free to ask questions.

Our new parent coordinator, Jenny Linkel, can be reached at lbcrew.newparentcoord@gmail.com.

Coach John can be reached at LBCrew.Coaches@gmail.com.

I can be reached at lbcrewpresident@gmail.com.

Again, thank you!



Lenny Richoux, President

Lake Braddock Crew Booster Club


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